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snow and fairies and just some thoughts

It's almost Christmas time and there is no snow here... So I drew a fairy - she will make some of her feathers... and  then I made some pendants with that image. Each of them is a bit different - I modified the print, added some saturation, played with colours (the glue makes it a bit lighter always) and then I tried different pendant settings, chains, charms and cords. Anyway I put a lot of effort in them. And then I opened Facebook and saw a woman advertising the same kind of jewellery as handmade. But the thing is - all the prints were from Disney and Suzanne Woolcott (yes, Gorjuss is designed by a real person and I don't think she would appreciate it :)) Anyway, I'm going to open my Etsy shop finally, this week, so you can find my pendants there. Don't want to do a lot of advertising - everyone is bored and exhausted of it anyway by now. At least I am. Anyway, here is the angel. <3

and one of the pendants... With a little key to fairy heaven :)